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Back to blogging.


Not having blogged since my Uni days, when posts involved student woes, drunken disasters and general mishaps about my fellow housemates, I decided it was about time I got to it again.

Since leaving university I felt like I ran out of material, my life didn’t seem quite so interesting anymore, and writing so much at work meant it was then hard to come home and start typing.

However several things haven’t and never will change.

  • My love for writing and taking photos
  • My itchy travelling feet
  • My constant cravings for international all food
  • My inability to stop buying pretty dresses, nail varnishes and anything pink
  • The desire to live colourfully

As a result I figured a blog on travel, lifestyle and food would be the next best thing to my uni ramblings. Plus after working in PR for the past 14 months I have worked with, and met, many lovely bloggers, some of whom have inspired me to start again.

Enjoy x


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PR girl, lifestyle, travel and food blogger. Constant disasters.

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  1. Travel blogs are really popular. Sounds like you will have lots of neat experiences to share. I hope you have fun with it; despite not having the roomies to tell stories about.


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