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Derwent reservoir

Teesdale, North Yorkshire

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Happy New Year!

I realise I am extremely late in writing this post, but I guess my New Year’s resolution to be more organised and blog more hasn’t gone completely to plan, but it’s never too late to start right?

Christmas was lovely, a much needed break. The first half of it was spent in a beautiful rented cottage in Totley, Sheffield where I grew up, with my family.

On the 29th, after all the hectic rush of Christmas, my boyfriend and I picked up my little dog Dee and headed up to Teesdale, North Yorkshire.

We booked through Sykes Cottages and stayed for 5 nights in Hawthorn Cottage which was located in the little village of Caldwell, between Richmond and Barnard Castle. It cost us £330 which for New Year we thought was very reasonable. Normally for off peak season the prices are less – from £241 for a week. 

The cottage itself was 3 star, we have stayed in more luxurious ones but actually this was perfect for what we needed it for. It was clean, there were lots of kitchen utensils, a cosy fire, a nice clean bathroom and comfy bed! It only had one  double bedroom so this is great for couples. Plus there is a caravan site too, so if you have your own caravan you can park up there and I’m sure the rates will be very reasonable. 

Hawthorn cottage

Hawthorn cottage, credit: Sykes Cottages 

sykes cottages

Hawthorn cottage, credit: Sykes Cottages 

 Although there were a few pubs within walking distance, as we had the dog with us we were slightly limited in our options. In the end we cooked in every night after regular trips to the Morrisons and Co-op in Barnard Castle. This was also nice as it meant we could drink lots of wine without worrying about tiring the (almost) 15-year old pooch out or one of us having to drive.

One day we went out to High Force and Low Force waterfalls. I would recommend parking near one of these and doing the round walk (about two hours), it’s a nice walk and the waterfall at High Force is particularly impressive. The walk is very kid and dog friendly too.


High Force, Teesdale


Bridge over Low Force waterfall, Teesdale

Another day was spent walking around Hamsterley Forest, this is great if it’s raining (like it normally does in England!) as the trees provide good shelter. It’s especially a must if you are a keen off-road cyclist as there are lots of cycling tracks. This was only about a 30 – 40 minute drive away and well worth it as we passed through some lovely countryside to get there. 

rope swings

Howard using the rope swing across the river


Dee’s favourite spot of the holiday

Another day was spent mooching around Barnard Castle and although we didn’t visit the castle itself I think it would be worth exploring, if you have the time! 

Finally on our last day we drove a bit further out to Derwent reservoir which is actually on the outskirts of Northumberland. This took just under an hour to get too and was approximately 7-8 miles to walk around. On first impression, the reservoir doesn’t look much, but as you start to walk around it there is some lovely countryside and stunning views.

If you’re looking for somewhere to go to relax and go walking, whether it is for 3, 5 or a full week – Teesdale is a great place to base yourself! 

Derwent reservoir

Derwent reservoir, credit: Ken Hircock, Flickr

Derwent reservoir

Derwent reservoir, credit:


Back to blogging.


Not having blogged since my Uni days, when posts involved student woes, drunken disasters and general mishaps about my fellow housemates, I decided it was about time I got to it again.

Since leaving university I felt like I ran out of material, my life didn’t seem quite so interesting anymore, and writing so much at work meant it was then hard to come home and start typing.

However several things haven’t and never will change.

  • My love for writing and taking photos
  • My itchy travelling feet
  • My constant cravings for international all food
  • My inability to stop buying pretty dresses, nail varnishes and anything pink
  • The desire to live colourfully

As a result I figured a blog on travel, lifestyle and food would be the next best thing to my uni ramblings. Plus after working in PR for the past 14 months I have worked with, and met, many lovely bloggers, some of whom have inspired me to start again.

Enjoy x