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Holiday Shop: Bikini Bargains

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Unfortunately I don’t believe any girl enjoys bikini shopping, no matter what size they are.

I definitely do not enjoy it, standing in front of a mirror practically naked in a changing room and realising that everyone on the beach is going to be looking at the reflection staring back at you is never ideal. Sunday was no exception and despite attending five gym classes last week (yes, madness, I know) I still didn’t like what I saw.

Having bigger boobs makes it even harder (in my opinion) as hardly any shops even sell my size. What really bugs me is the fact most bikinis are simply sized 6 to 20 as opposed to cup sizes. Now I am a size 10 in clothes, but a size 10 bikini top is never going to be big enough!

George at Asda is one of the only places I have ever had any success in bikini shopping – mainly because they sell them by cup size – from A to F.

However, I was disappointed when I went in the one in Wakefield as the only one in my size had a broken strap! As I was coming out of the changing room, I spotted the sales rack and picked up a lime green and white striped bandeau bikini for a bargain prize of £2 (for top and bottoms). I tried on in a size 12 and the fit was actually pretty good, not perfect, but for £2 I’m really not complaining.

lime green bikini

Although you might be thinking the top looks a bit on the small side, the material is really stretchy so you can tighten or loosen it accordingly!

Due to the fact I was then traumatised by trying on approximately 103 bikinis already and having no luck, I then picked up another in a similar style for £6. Anything to avoid any more bikini shopping.

Once I got them home and tried them on again (in my more flattering mirror) I’m pretty pleased with them – especially as the great thing about bandeau style bikinis is the minimal strap lines when tanning!

pink and blue striped bikini


I think something needs to be done to help women love their bodies in bikinis more, any suggestions greatly appreciated 🙂


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